My grandfather, Royce Terry, was an aviation machinist in the US Navy, during WWII.

Photo Box 1

It wasn’t until 2005, the last lucid year of his life and before Alzheimer’s hit full force, that he brought out a box that hadn’t been opened in 50 years.  Within that box were clippings and photos of his time in service.  My grandfather had taken a small brownie camera to capture moments of his and the country’s history at that time.  He developed each of these photos himself, which shows in that they are not standard size and vary from thumbnail size to a few inches big.

It took me several years after his passing to request taking the photos with me, so that I may scan them in and try to commemorate my grandfather, his story and the history he captured.

Photo Box 3

Photo Box 6

Photo Box 4

Photo Box 7

Photo Box 2

This is just the start of my process.  I’ll post more as I’m able to scan them in and fiddle with the contrast.  So many of them are yellowed, seemingly beyond repair, but it’s amazing what modern technology can do

If you have any suggestions about how I may preserve the originals, please let me know.  It seems as if he had these glued into a photo book at one point, as each photo has black paper peeling at the backs.


Royce C. Terry
1921 ~ 2006

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  1. Leon E. Case says:

    Penny — Interesting pictures and a bit of history as well. That looks like Betty Grable, a film star of the forties. Keep ‘em coming. Lou

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